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ТедескиEmil Tedeschi is the founder and mayority shareholder of Atlantic Grupa.

Previous to founding Atlantic Trade, the company on whose grounds Atlantic Grupa developed into one of the largest and most dynamic companies in the SEE region, he was director of Meteor Paper Milan, Italian subsidiary of Meteor Holding London, at the time one of the largest paper trading companies in Europe.

During his carreer Emil Tedeschi received several esteemed awards for his professional achievements, namely - Manager of the Year by Croatia’s Managers Association in 2002;  CEO of the Year by Croatian business paper Poslovni vjesnik in 2005; Businessman of the Year by the expert joury of Kapital Network, first business television in the region, in 2006 and 2008; “The Seal of Večernji list daily paper” as Businessman of the Year in the region of SEE in 2010; as well as the state medal for extraordinary contribution to economy by the President of Republic of Croatia. In 2012 he was awarded as the “Business Personality 2012” of the region by Mass Media International.

Through his participation in the work of crucial political bodies, Emil Tedeschi was actively engaged in the process of Croatian moving forward and closer to the standards and membership in the European Union. He was a member of the Parliamentary Committee overseeing Croatian negotiating proces with the EU, and is a member of the Croatian Social and Economic Council. From 2005 to 2007 he was the President of HUP (Croatian Employers Association), where he has been an active member since its founding. He is a member of Forum Young of the Global Leaders, a part of the World Economic Forum. He is also a member of the INSEAD Alumni Association, the Program Council of the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, the Business Council at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana and the RIT/ACTM Board of Trustees. He is the Vicepresident of the Supervisory Board of RTL Hrvatska, and a honorary consul of Ireland in the Republic of Croatia. From 2010 he has been the member of the Economic Advisory Council to the President of the State.

As a successful enterpreneur, Emil Tedeschi made several appearences and speaches at important international conferences and has often been invited to give lectures at several respectable business schools, such as Fuqua School of Business at the Duke University, New York University, IEDC - Bled School of Management, University of Michigan, Zagreb School Economic and Management and Faculties of Economics in Croatia. He is an active suporter to not only economical, but also social and cultural development in the region. For his longtime support to Sarajevo Film Festival he was awarded the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo in 2011.