Поддержка студенческих проектов
Финансирование издательской программы
Третий целевой капитал для развития Одинцовского филиала МГИМО
Поддержка спорта МГИМО
Поддержка творчества
Приглашаем присоединиться к сообществу партнеров МГИМО
Развитие бизнес образования в МГИМО
Модернизация инфраструктуры
Развитие культуры благотворительности в рамках УнивЭн

MGIMO overview 2017 – preview 2018 Report

Cover fund 2018 eng 1 001MGIMO Endowment team is glad to present you our latest report “MGIMO overview 2017 – preview 2018”!

For the first time the key events of all the University departments, the financial report of MGIMO and Endowment, alumni events and student achievements were incorporated in a single report.

In the report you can find information about the admission results and educational programs, MGIMO events worldwide, research and publishing activities, scientific conferences, student and social projects, financial indicators of the University development and MGIMO in mass media.

Projects for 2018 and calendar of activities in 2018 will be found at the end of the report.

The full version is available here.